exhibition images

F0.Am | Kanal 20 | Brussels | December 2003 The first in the Minutiæ work in progress exhibitions. Minutiæ{01} was an experimental collaboration with 3d artist Brian McClave, Professor Paul Pearson from the Department of Earth Sciences at the Cardiff University and Fo.Am, Brussels. The exhibition consisted of a series of stereogrammes of Tanzanian foraminifera, fossils of microscopic single celled organisms imaged using the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM). Creating the stereogrammes, still images that can be viewed in 3d if you relax your eyes and let them cross, was the first step towards the creation of a 3d movie using the ESEM. Also displayed was a projected multi-screen animation of single celled organisms and Brian McClave’s 3d film ‘Fossil’. (F0.Am, Brussels 18th December 2003- this event was e broadcast live on the web)

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