BLIP | Brighton | April 2005 A presentation of work in progress as part of the BLIP art/science lecture series. Artists and scientists, all of whom have been involved in art-science collaborations, including Brian McClave, Daniel Glaser (UCL) and Jane Prophet (University of Westminster) were asked to present elements of their work in response to the following quote:

‘From mathematics to medicine, from computer-supported proof methods to computer tomography, we see a triumphant return of the image to the natural sciences. While modern art turned more and more into an iconoclastic strategy, in a critique of representation, we see the advent of an iconophilic science trusting the representative power of the image.’

Shown in the bar were 3 Tanzanian foraminifera stereogrammes also shown as part of Minutiæ {01} and a projection of {Physiognomy} 01 through the bar window

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