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{tree} installation - Sydney

Minutiae – {tree}By Catherine Watling
with Paul Pearson, Helen Coxall, and Chris Rogers and Matt Clarke

Powerhouse Museum , Sydney Australia December 2006

Enter Festival Cambridge at the Babylon Gallery, Ely, Cambridge and The University of Cambridge Museum of Zoology, March 2007

An interactive installation that allows you to choose the evolutionary path of the beautiful and mysterious “foraminifera”, exploring the growth, transition and ultimate extinction of entire species.Using images of foraminifera produced with the Electron Microscope the Minutiae project produces animated sequences which visualise scientific theories of what has happened to the “forams” over 15 million years of evolution

Using images of the single-celled microfossils foraminifera, produced with the Electron Microscope, Minutiae {tree} generates animated sequences which visualise current scientific theories of over 15 million years of ‘foram’ evolutionary history

© Catherine Watling 2006